Jenny McCarthy is speaking out about Charlie Sheen once again following controversial comments she made about his HIV status earlier this week. On Nov. 19, the SiriusXM radio show host said she felt her former "Two and a Half Men" co-star should have told her he was HIV-positive while they were filming. Many were confused by McCarthy's comments, considering she was not at risk for contracting HIV through any sort of contact they had on set. Now, she's clarifying what exactly she meant.

As was reported by People, the "Dirty, Sexy, Funny" host took to Twitter Thursday claiming she never felt in danger of catching the virus from Sheen, 50. She said, rather, that she was simply trying to expose a double standard in Hollywood whereby women are forced to disclose any and all health-related issues before stepping on set. McCarthy said she knows HIV can not be spread through any form of contact they had while filming the CBS series, but says she felt it should have been disclosed. 

McCarthy's initially comments were made during a show segment that aired Thursday. She told listeners she wasn't sure "how to feel" about Sheen's HIV revelation that was made on NBC's "Today" two days prior. She said she thought it was "a big deal" that actors and actresses are asked to be open about herpes and other contagious diseases and infections, but Sheen was able to keep his HIV status a secret. As a former on-screen love interest of the actor, she said it was unfair and "scary" to have been left in the dark.

McCarthy isn't the only one who felt Sheen should have been more upfront about his medical situation. Sheen's ex-girlfriend and former "goddess" Bree Olsen has been outspoken in her feeling upset for her ex -- whom she claims hid his status from her. The former adult film star, who dated Sheen in 2011, said she didn't know about Sheen's condition until three days prior to his announcement. She has called him a "monster" and said that she will "never forgive" him. Others have taken to Twitter to share tasteless jokes and memes at the actor's expense, suggesting that he contracted HIV from "tiger blood" -- a nod to his 2011 rant. He has also been jokingly compared to Magic Johnson, who went public about his own battle with HIV in 1991.