Despite having backup form Jersey Shore star Pauly D, Charlie Sheen received a poor reaction from the crowd at Boston's Agganis Arena Tuesday night.

The reviews for Sheen's My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option keep getting worse and worse.

Just before 10 last night, as hundreds of disgusted spectators streamed toward the exits at Agganis Arena, Charlie Sheen shouted from the stage: Wait, don't leave! I'm not done! Don Aucoin of The Boston Globe wrote of the event.

But most of them kept right on going, and who can blame them?

Aucoin wrote that the drug called Charlie Sheen may be losing its potency.

For nearly 90 minutes they had been subjected to a witless barrage of non-sequiturs, non-stories, non-jokes - a non-event, start to finish.

Pauly D, who is on MTV's reality show Jersey Shore joined Sheen on the stage and said I want to be you for one day!

The two talked back and forth on stage, and Pauly D invited Sheen to appear in an episode of his upcoming, new reality show.

The next stop of Sheen's tour will be in Toronto for two shows on Thursday and Friday.