After a number of celebrities falling victim to phone hacking, the latest name to be added on the list is that of Charlize Theron.

The South African, Oscar-winning actress is seen posing sexily in a black lace top for the camera in leaked photos from her cell phone. The report was first published by, which also has an exclusive leaked image of the actress.

According to the website, The Devil's Advocate actress's videos, text messages, voice mails, screenshots, search history, recent call list and tweet drafts are also leaked along with the photos.

The 36-year-old actress recently adopted her first child, an African-American baby boy named Jackson.

Talking to the Daily Mail about her newly acquired motherhood, the Monster actress said: It has been overwhelmingly incredible. Every day there is something new. I think that by the journey I decided to go on, it's evident that I really wanted to be a mum, so I'm just overjoyed and very happy that it worked out.

After being happy and excited about the baby just weeks ago, the new mother will certainly not be pleased about her private information being leaked.