After working with fashion house, Dior for seven years, Charlize Theron, 35, was more than happy to say yes!  when Dior approached her with the new opportunity of representing Dior watches: To work with them again was a no-brainer and when I saw the product I was like, 'That is a good looking watch!', Theron told PEOPLE.

The South African actress has represented Dior in the past as the face of the French's brands J'adore fragrance collection. She has gladly started wearing the watch again.  I didn't even wear a watch for like 10 years and only two years ago did I start wearing one again. I really missed it as a piece of jewelry, Theron said.

Charlize Theron has also created a charity--The Africa Outreach Project.  The charity helps poverty-stricken children and communities especially those that suffer from HIV/AIDS. Since the birth of this project in 2007, Dior has been incredibly supportive, Theron said.