Charlize Theron’s childhood home in South Africa might be haunted after a grisly murder took place at its residence for the second time.

The house, which is located in Benoni near Johannesburg, is where the Oscar winner’s mother Gerda Martiz shot Theron’s reportedly abusive father dead in self-defense in 1991 when she was only 15 years old, the glamorous actress explained in an interview with ABC's Diane Saywer

More than 20 years later a murder investigation is taking place at the home again after a brutal murder took place, reported Sowetan Live.

Barry Newland, the most recent person to live in Theron’s childhood home, was reportedly killed by a gang of five robbers on Friday.

The men told Newland they wanted to look at one of the cars the victim repaired and sold from his home-based business in order to gain access to his property.

Newland’s hired help allowed the men in, but they were then forced into a room where they were tied up. The intruders bound and gagged Newland and then put a plastic bag over his head until he suffocated to death.

But the torture didn’t stop there-- he was burned with cigarettes and a clothes iron, according to Police Spokeswoman Lieutenant Nomsa Sekel.

The gang then stole a cell phone, laptop, two cameras, iPod and a gold chain during the attack.

No one has been arrested yet and police officials are still investigating the case.

The “Snow White and the Huntsman” star recently spoke about the horror she and her mother experienced at their South African home. For years, she never told the truth about what happened to her father out of fear of what they would think about her family.

"I think, for me, it took a long time to sink in, what had really happened because you just don’t think stuff like that will ever happen to you,” Theron told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer in 2004.

“Nature gives you instinct. And I knew something bad was going to happen,” she revealed when her father and uncle came home after a bout of drinking on June 21, 1991.

According to her mother, Theron’s father said, “Tonight I’m going to kill you both with the shotgun.”

When he began to shoot into Theron’s room, her mother grabbed her handgun and fatally shot him.

The act was determined to have been done in self-defense and Martiz was never prosecuted.