width=151In one of the more surprising diet-related stories of the week, Charlotte Church, who has lost around 55lbs, has revealed the secret of her success.

And it doesn't involve pills, surgery, starvation or faddy eating...

Instead, Charlotte explained:

I just eat better and eat less food than I used to.

Charlotte refuted media suggestions that she's had a gastric band fitted. In a refreshing change from the path taken by many celebrities (like Alex Curran with potentially dangerous Sea Kelp diet pills), Charlotte has taken a sensible, level-headed path to safe and sustained weight loss.

So, what can we learn from Charlotte's diet success?

1. Healthy eating isn't rocket science
Charlotte outlined her dietary changes:

Less stodge, less junk food like burgers and chips and smaller portions, with meals consisting of things like lean meat and salad.

With the media's obsession over super-foods and exaggerating new research, Charlotte's approach demonstrates that we just need to apply some common sense (and a dash of will-power!)

2. Don't exercise too hard at first
When Charlotte started her diet, she asked her partner Gavin Henson (a Welsh rugby player) to take her out running... but she quickly found that was too much!

Gavin is a trained sportsman and his regime is punishing, way too much for me, what with all the sprints and supershort rests in between. ... They may be great for a rugby player but they left me feeling absolutely knackered.

If you've ever started on an over-keen exercise routine, only to end up exhausted or even injured, you'll know how important it is to ease yourself in gently.

3. Find the right motivation
Charlotte loves her body whatever its size (and so does her husband). But after the birth of Charlotte's two kids, Ruby and Dexter, she had a new reason to be healthy:

But I do now have the perfect incentive to lose weight and get more trim - and that's my kids. I want to be around for them for as long as I possibly can be. Being fit and healthy will help me do that.

What's your diet motivation? Your health, your kids, wanting to look good, or having more energy? Follow in Charlotte's footsteps and find something which can keep you going for the long-term.