Luxury Spas: The Chateau Amber Retreat is beginning to gather momentum as the place to go when the itinerary calls for a private getaway of rest, relaxing, and, most importantly, recovering. This exclusive retreat caters to upscale patients who want to spend their recovery time from plastic surgery in a secure and discreet setting. The facility is located in Palm Springs, Calif., within the confines of the five-star boutique Viceroy Resort & Spa.

The staff of the Chateau Amber consists of RNs, LVNs, and CNAs who work closely with referring surgeons and primary care physicians to ensure a speedy and safe recovery. Recovering patients have the option of staying in a one- or two-bedroom villa or a standard guestroom. Guests of the patients are permissible for an additional fee.

It is the perfect solution for a speedy recovery in a safe, restful, and accommodating environment.