Chaz Bono, the most talked about contender on Dancing with the Stars, fell to last place on Monday night as Rick Lake stormed to the top again, in performances that reflected the most meaningful time of the contenders lives.

Chaz Bono has been in the spotlight of Dancing with the Stars, from week one, not just for his moves but for the very fact that he is the first transgender contestant of the competition.

Despite getting off on a strong start in week one, scoring 17/30, this week the contestant only scored one point higher finishing in last place.

Bono chose the song Laugh at me, written by his late father Sonny Bono. He explained that his dance was about people that had a problem with his sexuality. That's their problem, not mine, he said.

Bono received mixed reviews about his performance. Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Toniolo were not impressed saying he looked a little lost.

We don't get high scores here for some reason, said Bono, the only child of Cher and Sonny Bono. We're the people's champion but not the judges'.

God hope Chaz hangs on till next week so I can come sit in the Audience & Watch, Cher tweeted on Monday.

Meanwhile, Ricki Lake wooed the judges once again scoring the 27 points, the highest on the show yet. She did the rumba saying her dance was symbolic of when she found love again after her painful divorce.

Many other contestants improved on this week's performance as well. First on Stage were Rob Kardashian and his partner Cheryl Burke. Kardashian impressed the judges with his performance dedicated to his late father Robert Kardashian, ABC reported.

You just put the 'dash' in Kardashian, Goodman said. I hope your dad's looking down and saying 'Rob, you did good,' because you did.

Singer Chynna Phillips danced to Hold On, a song by her former group, Wilson Phillips, and said the song had been written against a backdrop of her depression and personal turmoil.

I knew you could do it. You are a smoldering siren, seductive, stylish, Tonioli said praising her performance.

Nancy Grace, who stole the limelight last week for her wardrobe malfunction, finished near the bottom this week, scoring 21 points for her waltz she dedicated to her 3-year-old twin whose lives were in danger following their premature birth.

I always want better scores, she said after the episode. But we eked through last week with a 21, and I was happy to get it, so I'm happy to get 21.