Shortly after TMZ broke the news that Chaz Bono and fiancée Jennifer Elia had called off their engagement and broken up for good, Bono made a brief statement via Twitter:

Thanks for your concern about our separation. I'm doing fine, and we remain on good terms with nothing but respect and affection 4 eachother [sic].

Earlier Monday, Bono's rep Howard Braughman confirmed the separation in a statement to TMZ. They [Chaz and Jennifer] leave this relationship with great love, respect and affection toward one another, Braughman said. No further amplification will be forthcoming and they ask that you respect their privacy at this time.

Curiously, the National Enquirer reported the breakup ahead of the official announcement, according to the blog -- but the link to the Enquirer story is no longer active. According to Gather, the Enquirer quoted a source close to the couple who said the breakup had been coming for awhile, and suggested that Elia's drinking may have been a factor.

Chaz is totally over the relationship, the source reportedly told the Enquirer. His parting shot to Jen made her realize there was no turning back. He told her, 'I can do better than you'...He wanted someone who could ride the wave of success with him but found Jen too much of a downer. Chaz is already on the lookout for someone new and made it clear to Jen. He told her, 'I've tried, but you just aren't right for me. I've got to move on.'

Apparently Jennifer had taken to the bottle, with unpleasant results.

When she drinks, Jen becomes a completely different person, the source reportedly said. Chaz just can't handle her then.

Elia has not yet tweeted a statement about the breakup, and she and Chaz are still following each other on Twitter.