Capstone Industries Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CHDT Corporation, which is a holding company that engages in the development, manufacturing and distribution of innovative consumer products to retailers and wholesalers throughout the Americas. Capstone announced today that it has received its first re-order from its distributor in Brazil. The re-order consists of both the original Eco-i-Lite and Mini Eco-i-Lite. These goods are marketed online, in magazines and in stores throughout Brazil.

Produced in China, the Eco-i-Lite products were designed to be lightweight and easy to use, making them ideal for disasters as well as everyday household needs. Designed as the first aesthetically pleasing power failure devices, these multi-functional products combine the convenience of a power failure light, a flashlight and a night light.

Each product brings together safety, design and sustainability while including the following features:

• Automatically turns on when the power goes out
• Environmentally-friendly rechargeable lithium ion battery and LED bulbs, which require no replacement
• LED night light with auto-sensor turns on automatically when the room is dark or can be left on at all times
• LED handheld light comes out of the safe and reliable charging base easily
• Low energy consumption, so can be used in every room of the house.

The Eco-i-Lite products bridge the gap between a necessity and a gift.