The economic downturn in Italy, similarly to Spain, is having surprisingly enjoyable effects in some industries. Due to its comparatively low airport costs, Italy is set to become a bigger transport hub for the bargain airlines in the coming year, leading to increased tourism particularly for previously quiet areas.

Calabria's relatively small Lamezia airport particularly recorded strong growth last year, with a 16.2% increase in passenger arrivals, the highest in Italy. The airport expects a further 2 million more passengers than last year for 2011, with budget airline Ryanair increasing services to 45 per week. 

Despite announcing a loss of 10 million euros for Q4 last year, Ryanair reported strong growth particularly in demand for flights to Spain and Italy, as the two nations' continuing national debt crises send prices plummeting, allowing tourists to cash in. Due to increasing costs, the airline is planning for now to phase out its original home airport of Dublin as a transit hub for its services, and instead increase services to and from these two European destinations.

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