Barnes & Noble released its newest device, the WiFi Nook, joining the intensively competitive market of digtital e-readers and electronic tablets.  The new Nook follows the success of the company's Nook Color, which packed more features than the new simple purposed device.  Amazon will enter the fight with the nw Kindle 3G which support ads. 

The Nook Color has been a home run, but there's also a number of people who don't need all those features, said Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch.

Branded as the Simple eReader, the device does just that, enabling readers to access the e-ink touchscreen with tapping and swiping gestures without the use of many physical buttons and gimmicky features.  The Wifi Nook boasts a fast processor allowing for quick and smooth page flipping from user's touch response.    The physical design offers more comfort with its smooth rubber feel due to the  soft-touch paint coating. 

Fighting back is Amazon with its new ad supported  Kindle 3G that will hit the market at $189 (without the special $25 discount). 

Jay Marine, the director of Amazon Kindle, stated that it is the lowest priced 3G e-reader on the market. 

Amazon also plans to release special offers such $10-$20 gift cards to Amazon, cheap Kindle books, and HDTV discounts.  Barnes & Noble has not plans for special promotions for the Nook.

The new WiFi Nook measures in at 6.5in x 5in x .47in at a weight of 7.48 oz.  It is equipped with a 800mhz Texas Instruments OMAP 3 processor.  The reports say the battery life lasts 2 months pre charge (without WiFi use). The screen size is 6 inch utilizing Electronic-ink.  The memory is flexible allowing readers to expand storage with an expansion slot for a MicroSF card up to 32GB MicroSD.

The main difference between the WiFi Nook and Kindle is the touch screen functionality, 3G, and ads.  The Kindle is slightly larger in size as well as weighing in over an ounce heavier.  Screen size for both devices are the same and utilize E-ink.  Battery life doesn't hold up as well as the new Nook hardware, lasting only 1 month compared to the Nook's 2 month duration.  The Kindle comes with 4gb or ram but no expansion slot for additional memory storage or allows readers to replace the batter on their own.  Both have a 802.11b/g wireless connection.

The new Nook will cost $139 and begin shipping on June 10th.  The battle was ignited when Amazon announced the new Kindle 3G hours after Barnes & Noble announced their new Nook.  The question now is which will customers prefer and who will prevail?  Barnes & Noble currently holds a good portion of the ebook market with about 25 percent.