Chelsea's £50m man Fernando Torres says the Chelsea dressing room has a friendlier atmosphere than what he enjoyed at Liverpool.

Though he is yet to open his goals-account for the club, Torres reaffirmed his belief that he made the right decision. He told Spanish newspaper Marca, Chelsea have proved they have top-level players in all departments and that they will always be competitive whatever happens, with an owner who will invest when it is necessary.

There are more personal relationships and jokes between the players than there were at Liverpool. Everything was much more serious there. Here, you don't have to prove you are a professional - it is assumed.

Torres then went on to shed more light on the reasons that convinced him to make the move from Merseyside, citing the boardroom upheaval at Liverpool as one of the main causes, describing the situation as chaos.

I knew I was an idol for the fans but it wasn't the same anymore, he said. The institution was in chaos with the sale. There was all this talk of possible projects. In many ways it reminded me of (former club) Atletico Madrid ... a great history, many ideas but without money. It needed time. I don't have that. People aren't honest in the world of football. You can't say the truth or be clear with people. It's a business and nobody is anyone's friend.