Chelsea O’Donnell, the teenage daughter of comedian Rosie O’Donnell, has been found. O’Donnell issued an official Twitter message after her daughter was discovered.

“Chelsea has been found and is safe in police custody,” she tweeted Tuesday evening, six hours after she said her daughter’s whereabouts were unknown. “Thank you all for the help and light #missingchildren.” The message was shared hundreds of times by her 836,000 followers and received more than 1,500 likes.

O’Donnell did not add where or how Chelsea was found. She also did not specify whether her daughter purposely absconded. O’Donnell that her daughter had left home without her phone, so she was unable to track her location.

The only personal information O’Donnell gave about her daughter was that she had stopped taking her medicine and was in need of emergency assistance. She did not reveal what type of disorder or ailment she suffers from, though some reports said it was mental illness.

O’Donnell first hinted there was a problem with Chelsea when she posted a tweet at about 1:00 a.m. EDT Tuesday. She shared a picture of her daughter holding a baby whose identity was not immediately known at the time of this post.

Even Dog the Bounty Hunter got involved with Chelsea’s disappearance. He asked that she call her mother.

Monica Lewinsky, the infamous former White House intern who had sexual relations with then-President Bill Clinton, tweeted that she was happy to hear Chelsea was found safe and sound.

Chelsea’s biological mother, Deanna Micoley, told Radar Online she thought Chelsea might have left her home with O’Donnell to find her. “Rosie has said she wouldn’t be surprised if she came looking for me,” Micoley told Radar Online on Tuesday. “She said that when I first talked to Rosie, when Chelsea found me in November.” It’s not yet known whether Chelsea left because she was trying to find her birth mother.

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