- Young venture marketing consulting company focusing on Creative Capitalism

- CEO Sungon Kim, the donor of Unicef gives his talents to all around the world

In the office of ICT consulting company located in Gangnamgu, Seoul Cheongdam & Partners(http://cheongdam.be/ email:sungon-k@nate.com). When I was entering the office, the wall was filled with many calendars. Cheongdam & Partners is the young venture company which gives cutting edge marketing skills and services to universities and governments in Korea. On weekends, CEO Kim Sungon  who leads this company delivers some lectures at   'Green Computer Art School ' for Chinese and university students.

Rapid changes of sharp end communication devices have maximized the abilities of IT and follow smart phone and SNS which are presented through Facebook and Twitter.

Especially, demonstrations of democratic resistance in the Middle East and Africa shows us the power of SNS networking.

We can use SNS, Smart Marketing for individuals, small businesses, NGO, government and so on. These SNS, Smart Marketing is recognized as a powerful effective communication Media omnidirectionally for every organization.

CEO Kim who is committed to the SNS Marketing solutions said, I was a job training lecturer before. One day, I heard that one of my students killed himself because of unemployment. It shocked me. I knew he was a very passionate and bright student, so the shock was greater. At that time, I truly recognized my mission to do something which showed the way for young people and job finders.

These days the economic problem of one country becomes the global economic crisis. Kim says that there are no borders on unemployment problems of young people and Businessmen need wisdom to do both business and social contribution well.

CEO Kim's goal is reaching success to solve social problems and develop individuals. Ultimately, he wants to make a global company like Pfizer Incorporated, MS, Apple, and Monsanto.

Future will be bright for the young businessmen who keep renovation and social contribution as a key value in their mind beyond money and profit.