Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's son Chet Haze has taken the word shirtless to a whole new level -- sort of.

Haze, whose real name is Chester M. Hanks, took to Twitter early Monday morning to share two new sexy photos of himself.

Ladies . . . This is for you, he wrote, attaching a black-and-white photo via his Instagram account.

The aspiring rapper and current Northwestern University student posted one more shirtless photo shortly after, first writing Apologies to all boyfriends before addressing his ladies again.

Haze later tweeted a clarification on his sexual orientation, prompted perhaps by the fact that several LGBT blogs re-posted the shirtless photos (as suggested by the Huffington Post).

Yo, Shout out to ALL my fans -- both straight and gay . . . #humbled but just so you know I'm straight lmao ok ThankYou, he wrote.

From the looks of Haze's other photos on Twitter and Instagram, the younger brother of Colin Hanks has been living quite the life. From Playboy bunnies to Tim McGraw, to just a regular afternoon with papa Tom, Haze doesn't have much to complain about.  

Click through for photos of Chet Haze, in all his shirtless glory.