Chevron officials will have to prepare a briefing to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement in the coming days following an oil leak earlier this month off the coast of Brazil.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference Monday, Michael Bromwich said the hearing will be to determine if the leak held any implications for U.S. offshore drilling oversight, reported Reuters.

Officials with BSEE were not immediately available for an interview.

Chevron spokesman Kurt Glaubitz confirmed with the IBTimes that a briefing will take place, but did not elaborate further.

The briefing should take place within the next 10 days, Bromwich told reporters.

The U.S. oil company on Nov. 7 experienced a surge in pressure, or a kick, when drilling an appraisal well off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. The next day, oil was seen on the surface of the water. A preliminary investigation determined the kick cracked the ocean floor and oil was seeping through them.

The company's drilling rights have been temporarily suspended until a deeper investigation accounts for the leak.