San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner was awarded a 2015 Chevrolet Colorado truck Wednesday after being named World Series MVP for his dominant Game 7 performance against the Kansas City Royals. There’s just one problem: General Motors recalled the Chevy Colorado earlier this month due to an air bag defect.

GM instructed its dealers on Oct. 2 to halt sales on Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups until repairs could be made on faulty wiring in the trucks’ driver-side air bag, Automotive News reported. “This condition will cause the driver-side air bags to not function as designed and may adversely affect the crash performance of the driver-side air bags,” the company said in its notice.

While most of the trucks affected by the recall were repaired before they could be sold, 138 Colorados were already in the hands of customers. The cars were considered safe to drive, but owners were allowed to obtain loaner cars until the air bag problem was fixed.

"The stop sale on the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon was lifted on Oct. 3, less than 48 hours after it was put in place, because a software fix for the issue was released to dealers and the plant,” GM spokesman Alan Adler said in an Oct. 13 statement. “Shipments resumed on Saturday, Oct. 4, and have been continuing since. There will still be a recall for 2,432 trucks that were built with the incorrect air bag wiring, but by the time the recall begins, many of the trucks will have already had the 20-30-minute software reprogramming done. There are 138 vehicles in customer possession that will be part of the recall."

Chevrolet sales and marketing executive Rikk Wilde’s presentation of the recalled truck to Bumgarner drew a fair amount of attention in its own right. Nicknamed “Chevy Guy” by Twitter users, a noticeably nervous Wilde struggled through his attempt to explain the Colorado’s features to Bumgarner. “It provides class-leading, you know, technology and stuff with Wi-Fi powered by OnStar -- it’s sitting right there on the screen -- to recognize your performance in this 2014 World Series,” Wilde said.

Pitching in relief on just two days’ rest, Bumgarner retired 15 of the 17 batters he faced in Game 7 to earn a save and secure the Giants’ third World Series title in five years. Bumgarner went 2-0 with a 0.42 ERA in 21 innings during the series.