“Chicago Fire” will be returning to NBC with its Season 3 premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 23. Do you think you have what it takes to handle the heat of Season 3? We can only imagine how wild episode 1, “Always,” will be considering that last time viewers watched “Chicago Fire,” they were left with one piping-hot cliffhanger.

Before Dawson (Monica Raymund) could respond to Casey’s (Jesse Spencer) marriage proposal they received a call regarding a mysterious building fire. The building then suddenly exploded with nearly all of our favorite characters inside, leaving the lives of the heroes dangling in the air. But now that ominous question will be answered and we’ll finally find out who survived the fatal blast with the premiere of the new season.

Check out 7 things you need to know before the Season 3 premiere of “Chicago Fire”:

1. A Major Character Death

According to the Season 3 premiere summary for “Chicago Fire,” Firehouse 51 will be “forever changed.”

“Boden (Eamonn Walker) forces members of Fire 51 to pull themselves back together in the aftermath of a harrowing fire explosion,” the synopsis teases, leading us to believe that someone didn’t make it out of the burning building alive.

But don’t take our word for it! The EP of “Chicago Fire” himself, Matt Olmstead, revealed during an interview with TVLine that fans should stock up on tissues for the Season 3 premiere. “Someone has to die. [And] someone does,” he admitted. "Not everybody makes it out of that building and then certainly what people deal with in terms of the loss of whomever that character is, that's definitely what we're dealing with in the first episode and beyond."

2. Season 3 Will Pick Up Where Season 2 Left Off

The EP explained fans won’t have to wait very long to find out who died in the Season 2 finale. “In the episode, they're going to use a dramatic device that we've never used before on 'Fire' to show the repercussions and why what happened. I just got the script. I've read it three times now and I've cried every single time," Yuri Sardarov, who plays Brian “Otis” Zvonecek, explained. "There will be many tears at the end of it."

3. Severide Goes Missing

When “Chicago Fire” returns, viewers will notice one of their favorite characters is missing. “While Severide (Taylor Kinney) goes missing for one week too many, Casey (Jesse Spencer) works to track down his whereabouts," the synopsis explains.

No. Severide isn’t dead. He’s just dealing with the consequences of the fire in a “possibly self-destructive manner.” “As we’ve established on the show, he’s prone to going on his own and having a few cocktails when things don’t go his way,” Olmstead said.

Severide and Casey will be brought together, due to the tragedy that occurred. "They kind of come together for different reasons as friends which is very gratifying to see it after all this time of them circling each other and not really [connecting],” the EP explained.

4. Severide vs. Lindsay

While Severide’s relationships with his team grow, his romance with Lindsay (Sophia Bush) will dwindle. According to Olmstead, Severide’s “separate headspace” (due to the explosion) will cause a complication in his relationship with Lindsay. Do you think the couple’s romance will survive Season 3?

5. Mills Survives!

All you Mills (Charlie Barnett) fans out there can take a deep sigh of relief. According to reports, this brown-eyed hottie will live to see another day on “Chicago Fire.” But just because he survived the fiery blast doesn’t mean he’s home free. He’ll face a “big turn” in the wake of the destruction, TVLine reported.

6. Grab The Tissues -- And Some Chocolate

Sardarov revealed during NBC’s TCA Summer Press Tour party good news for his character (Yes, Otis survives) in addition to some tear-jerking details about the new season. “The cliffhanger is going to force a few things into perspective,” he explained. "And everything is going to be revealed in the first episode. I just read it, and I was tearing up. It’s beautiful. It’s incredible.”

7. New Blood

Due to the loss of a team member, “Chicago Fire” fans will get introduced to a new character this fall. “There will be a new face to ultimately fill in the role of the character that’s not going to make it,” Olmstead revealed.

Bonus! Check out these sneak peek videos from the new season:

“Chicago Fire” premieres Tuesday, Sept. 23, at 10 p.m. EDT. Are you excited for the return of the NBC drama? Sound off in the comments section below and cast your predictions of who you think was killed off in the Season 2 finale fire.