chicago fire season 3 spoilers Curious what will happen next week on "Chicago Fire"? Get the Season 3 scoop on episode 2, "Wow Me." Photo: NBC/Chicago Fire

Can you feel the heat? “Chicago Fire” will return with more burning drama when the hit NBC series airs its second episode of Season 3, “Wow Me,” next Tuesday. And after what happened in the Season 3 premiere we can’t even imagine what the creators have in store for the remainder of the 2014 fall season.

During episode 1, “Always,” Firehouse 51 lost a member of their team, Leslie Shay (Lauren German), due to an explosion that occurred in the Season 2 finale. For months fans were left with the mother of all cliffhangers trying to figure out which of their favorite characters wouldn’t be returning to the new season of “Chicago Fire” -- that is, until they saw the scene of Gabby (Monica Raymund) attempting to resuscitate Shay, who was lying in a puddle of her own blood.

The remainder of the premiere revealed how the characters of “Chicago Fire” dealt with Shay’s death. Lt. Severide (Taylor Kinney), best friend of the deceased, took the demise particularly hard. But in episode 2 he’ll return to Firehouse 51 after his hiatus, “but he is clearly not his usual self,” the synopsis for “Wow Me” revealed.

“He just becomes a little bit detached from people. Not so much a depression, but it’s a, ‘I don’t really care anymore because nothing lasts forever, nothing makes sense. I don’t really give a s--- I’m just going to have a good time. I’m going to do my job. I don’t care about consequences. I don’t really care about anything,’” executive producer Matt Olmstead told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s ostensibly a guy who’s gone back to his party boy behavior, but what he’s doing is trying to outpace and outdistance this grief that he’s not dealt with, and it’s just a matter of when it’s going to catch up to him and what’s he going to do when he ultimately has to deal with that.”

But the plot of episode 2 won’t just focus on the death of Shay. According to the summary, Dawson (Monica Raymund) will be counting down the weeks until she can start as a candidate at the Austin Firehouse while Mills (Charlie Barnett) learns about his family history. Any Herrmann (David Eigenbeg) fans out there? Well, he’ll be spending “Wow Me” attempting to come up with “new ideas to turn the business around.”

Fans can also anticipate Sophia Bush, Kenny Johnson, Edwin Hodge and Randy Flagler to guest star in the episode on Tuesday, Sept. 30, at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC.

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