NBC’s “Chicago Med” is back in the business of saving lives.  Last week in Season 2, Dr. Natalie Manning and Dr. Connor Rhodes treated two infants who were suffering from complicated medical issues. Episode 3 showed Rhodes performing an impossible surgery while Dr. Will Halstead made a shocking discovery about Maggie’s sister Denise.

The “Chicago Med” Season 2 episode had three major storylines. Read a quick recap of “Natural History” below:

Rhodes Is In Over His Head

Rhodes (Colin Donnell) dealt with a very important patient in “Chicago Med.” Not only was he a man with several connections and ample wealth, but he had a stroke and needed immediate heart surgery. The handsome doctor had to do the surgery alone since his mentor, Dr. Isidore Latham (Ato Essandoh), was observing Shabbat.

Rhodes’ new mentor urged him not to perform the surgery which needed to be done within a certain time limit. But the doctor was in over his head and decided to go ahead with the operation. In the end, Latham had to go against his religious beliefs and save the patient. He stepped in when things seemed like they would go south. Rhodes may be handsome, but he certainly has a lot to learn from this new mentor.

Chicago Med Dr. Latham had no choice but to break his Shabbat in order to save a patient in “Chicago Med” Season 2, episode 3. Photo: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Halstead Discovers That Maggie’s Sister Has Cancer

Dr. Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) met Maggie’s (Marlyne Barrett) sister Denise who had lost her vision for some time and had an accident. Halstead learns that she has cancer. What was shocking about his diagnosis is that she has prostate cancer. We learn in “Chicago Med” Season 2, episode 3 that Denise was actually born a male and transitioned to female later. The doctor who did her surgery didn’t remove her prostrate.

Denise and Maggie bonded over this episode and work through some issues. Maggie missed her brother but accepted Denise the way she is now. Halstead also learned a lesson in acceptance and brushed up his terminology about the transgender community.

Manning and Clarke Need A Translator

Elsewhere in “Chicago Med” Season 2, episode 3, medical student Dr. Jeff Clarke (Jeff Hephner) and Manning (Torrey DeVitto) had to deal with a patient who didn’t speak a word of English. The Indonesian man was clearly suffering from a contagious disease but they didn’t know which one.

In the end, Manning used her sheer determination to save lives to uncover an important clue – her patient had been to a roller coaster park where a measles outbreak had just occurred. By the time Clarke gets hold of a translator, his treatment is well underway. Oh, and the patient said Manning and Clarke make a cute couple.

Reese Learns A Lesson

Perhaps a slightly boring storyline of “Chicago Med” Season 2, episode 3 was Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) and Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) dealing with a patient who was seven months along in a hysterical pregnancy. The pseudo-pregnancy arose from issues regarding her identity and her frequent bouts of anxiety. In the end, Reese had to break the news to the patient that she is not pregnant.

“Chicago Med” Season 2 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC.