The Children’s Internet Inc. dedicates their efforts to creating an Internet environment that fully realizes the promise and educational potential of the Web. They work to do this with the reassurance and safety that parents demand for their children. Trading on the OTCBB, the company has their headquarters in Gold River, California. Their portal is at The Company is the exclusive marketer and distributor of The Children’s Internet® membership based service created just for kids.

The Children’s Internet Inc. developed their vision of a “Kid-Wide Web”. It balances protection, education, and fun. Children can explore the Internet safely, free of the dangers typically associated with unsupervised access. Their portal is a comprehensive, secure Internet service and “educational super portal” for children. It serves pre-school to junior high students. Children have real time access to millions of the best pre-selected, pre-approved educational and entertaining web pages. They can access all of this via a kid-friendly search engine.

On Tuesday, The Children's Internet Inc. entered into a Retail Merchandizing Services Agreement with Advantage Sales and Marketing (ASM). ASM is one of the leading sales and marketing agencies in the U.S. They specialize in outsourced sales and retail promotions. They will provide in-store retail merchandizing services, including generating consumer awareness and building brand equity for The Children’s Internet Inc.’s membership based service. The Services Agreement is for two years. It will begin with the first release of The Children’s Internet Inc.’s product scheduled for May 2009.

Today, The Children's Internet, Inc. announced that The Children's Internet Holding Company LLC filed three provisional patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for their proprietary filtering technology. The Children's Internet Holding Company is in the process of merging into The Children's Internet. The three provisional patents will become the property of The Children's Internet once the merger finalizes.

Richard J. Lewis III, the CEO of The Children's Internet stated, “With the technology advancements we have recently filed provisional patents on, our security systems now uniquely and in a user friendly, real time way secure against inappropriate content and classify web sites according to appropriateness of content for age; in addition, we can now safely and uniquely use and retrieve intelligent email messages.”

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