Chilean miners, who were rescued last month after being trapped in a collapsed mine for 69 days, and their rescuers pose for photographers at the "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute" in Los Angeles November 20, 2010. The stunning rescue of 33 miners trapped for 69 days deep down a copper and gold deposit in the Atacama desert captured the world's attention with millions of viewers tuning in to watch the operation in mid-October. (REUTERS/Phil McCarten)


Remember "los 33," the Chilean miners whose remarkable survival story captivated the world?  As many predicted, an official Hollywood production is now in the works to recap the 69 days the miners were trapped in the San Jose mine.

The movie is to be produced by Mike Medavoy, who grew up in Santiago, Chile and recently produced "Shutter Island" and "Black Swan."  A Chilean businessman, Carlos E. Lavin, will help to finance the project.

Jose Rivera, who penned the script for the 2004 hit "The Motorcycle Diaries," is set to transform the miners' story into a Hollywood script.

The miners, seven of whom joined Medavoy for dinner in Beverly Hills recently, bring a myriad of personal stories that Rivera hopes will contribute to a film that satisfies both the audience and the survivors.

Juan Andres Illanes, one of the trapped miners, said "One year after the collapse of the mine, we consider this to be a great step towards the realization of a film based on our experience in the mine. This is the only official and authorized film about what we lived in the San José mine. Much of our story has never been told."

The miners, who joined together after the horrific incident, are represented by William Morris Endeavor Entertainment.  Medavoy has acquired the exclusive rights for the story.

Production is scheduled to begin next year and will draw on a book being written about the miners by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hector Tobar.

There is no Hollywood studio attached to the film at this point.