National Chinese fertilizer manufacturer and distributor, China Agritech, Inc., announced that it has begun a one-month trial period for the commercial production of organic granular fertilizer at its Harbin facility in China’s northeastern Heilongjiang. In 2009, sales from the Harbin facility are expected to reach between 20,000 metric tons and 30,000 metric tons of organic granular fertilizer. The company also produces organic liquid fertilizers at Harbin with a capacity of up to 5,000 metric tons.

Harbin, noted for its rich soil, is the provincial capital and one of China’s largest cities. The Harbin operation has a capacity of 50,000 metric tons, adding to the 100,000 metric tons of capacity of organic granular fertilizer that recently began production at their Anhui facility.

Mr. Yu Chang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of China Agritech, commented, “With the Harbin production now in operation, we are much closer to reaching our goal of developing capacity for 200,000 metric tons to penetrate the organic granular fertilizer market, which is a larger market than liquid fertilizers in China. The Chinese government is taking steps to promote the use of organic fertilizers in its ‘Green Food’ movement and it is also increasing farmers’ income through subsidies and price supports. With our newly added capacity, we can offer farmers in China a wider variety of organic fertilizers to meet their needs to improve crop yield and health.”