China Cablecom Holdings, Ltd. is a joint-venture provider of cable television services in the People’s Republic of China, operating in partnership with a local state-owned enterprise (“SOE”) authorized by the PRC government to control the distribution of cable TV services. Serving the largest cable TV market in the world by subscriber volume, China Cablecom currently operates 28 cable networks with over 1.7 million paying subscribers.

China Cablecom growth strategy involves creating partnership models in other municipalities and provinces in the PRC. The highly fragmented cable TV market provides the opportunity to consolidate municipal and county operators, leveraging economies of scale to roll out value-added services and increase Average Revenue Per User Rate (ARPU) while reducing the cost of providing service.

China Cablecom has assembled a highly competent management team with over 20 years of local cable TV industry experience and key relationships with the Chinese provincial State Administration for Radio, Film & Television (SARFT). Clive Ng, the Founder and Executive Chairman of China Cablecom, is a media sector financier and executive who has invested in and established a number of joint venture partnerships among several major media conglomerates and public companies.

The company aims to acquire three million additional subscribers over the next three years, while maintaining a minimum of 10% organic subscriber annual growth. In addition to setting up strategic partnerships and joint-ventures, China Cablecom also plans to acquire operators who cannot meet the CAPEX requirements of future initiatives, leveraging their existing subscriber base and infrastructure to drive significant returns for investors.