Located in Fuqing City, China, the young company has made a name for itself by engaging in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of biodiesel and specialty chemical products made from renewable resources.

Today, China Clean Energy announced they have begun trading on OTC Markets Group’s OTCQB. China Clean Energy made this decision due to the lack of quotation activity on the OTCBB.

Leading the way at China Clean Energy is their founder and CEO Tai-ming Ou. Under their leader’s guidance, the young company has left a mark on the market through the work of their corporation and subsidiaries. Mr. Ou founded the company after a successful career in the field of mathematics and has brought a strong business sense to the corporation.

Currently, China Clean Energy is trading in the $0.96 range. With a number of third-party stock data providers updating their platforms to display the transition from OTCBB to OTCQB and a strong product in place, China Clean Energy is starting to gain increased traction in the marketplace.

To learn more about this company and their future plans, visit the corporate website at www.chinaclearnenergy.com