To put it into perspective, the International Energy Agency (IEA) confirmed that China consolidated its position as the world's largest energy consumer, as it will consume nearly 70 percent more energy than the US by 2035, the group said in its most recent benchmark World Energy Outlook report.

Using another example in market specificity, in the IEA's Medium Term Coal Market report, global demand for coal will continue to expand aggressively over the next five years and that global implications of China's massive appetite for coal, noting that events and decisions in China could have an outsized effect on coal prices.

Furthermore, China's domestic coal market is more than three times the global coal trade. It is also currently the world's largest consumer of iron ore, coal and other base metals.

While China's GDP is only 9.4% of the global economy, and its population is 19% of the world population...

Cement demand represents 53.2% of global demand

Iron ore = 47.7%

Coal = 46.9%

Pigs = 46.4%

Steel = 45.4%

Lead = 44.6%

Zinc = 41.3%

Aluminum = 40.6%

Copper = 38.9%

Eggs = 37.2%

Nickel = 36.3%

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