China denied U.S. Navy ship entry to Hong Kong for a planned visit on Friday.

Washington said alleged that China turned down the request from U.S. Navy ship to visit Hong Kong on the last minute, blocking the Navy by the Kitty Hawk as well as accompanying U.S. ships away from Hong Kong territory during the Thanksgiving holiday.

The crew members of the U.S. Navy were celebrating Thanksgiving with their relatives and wanted to pay a visit to Hong Kong when they were denied entry.

On November 22, China told U.S. not to let its planned quarterly flight into Hong Kong by a C-17 aircraft which was intended to support the U.S. consulate there, said Maj. Stewart Upton, Marine Corps spokesman.

The Bush administration in response to the treatment of the Kitty Hawk and the minesweepers made it clear that it wanted to draw a line under the incidents.

This relationship is growing and maturing and this is something that two nations should be able to work through, and I don't think escalating it every day is necessary, said Dana Perino, White House spokeswoman.

The Kitty Hawk was accompanied by five vessels at the time of its planned visit to Hong Kong, the official said.