Headquartered in Shanghai, China Energy is an international leader in designing, fabricating, implementing and servicing energy recovery systems. With state-of-the-art technology which captures industrial waste energy to produce low cost electrical power, the company enables industrial manufacturers to reduce their energy costs, shrink their emissions footprint, and generate sellable emissions credits. With a growing reputation, China Energy caught the attention of investors globally with the announcement that it has completed a major contract for the Hubei Yangfeng Group which has a total value of $1.42 million.

This completed project will not only represent growth in the economy but will also help the environment. For example, while the $1.42 million will help China Energy Recovery embrace a new financial spectrum, the completed systems are designed to generate 120 tons of steam per hour, which translates into nearly 24MW of thermo power generation capacity. These systems will help Yangfeng achieve an estimated annual saving of up to 57,100 tons of coal (coal equivalent) and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 151,700 tons.

Leading the way at China Energy Recovery is Wu Quinghan who founded the young company in 1995. While serving as China Energy’s CEO and Chairman of the Board, Wu Quinghan currently serves as the executive member of the Chinese Sulfur Industry Association and was recently awarded Most Progressive Technology by China Science. Prior to founding CER, Mr. Wu worked for 23 years as an engineer at Nanjing Chemical Industry Research Institute, the largest research institute under the Ministry of Chemical Industry.
When asked about this agreement, the China Energy Recovery Chairman was quoted as saying, “We are very pleased to have completed these waste heat recovery systems for Yangfeng, which is an important repeat customer of CER. China remains the largest agricultural country in the world and the demand for fertilizer is substantial. With Chinese government’s regulations mandating greater environmental protection and energy savings, it is becoming crucial for fertilizer producers to include waste heat recovery systems in their facilities. This is a market segment we have been focusing on and expect to have continued growth.”

Currently, China Energy Recovery is trading in the $1.09 range. With strong leadership and global appeal, this company may end up being the gem of portfolios for years to come.