China Executive Education Corp., an executive education business, yesterday announced its reverse merger into a public company named On Demand Heavy Duty Corp. , which has acquired all outstanding capital stock of Hong Kong corporation Surmounting Limit Marketing Adviser Limited (SLM).

The emerging company will retain the name China Executive Education, and said it is working to change its ticker symbol to reflect the merger.

China Executive Education offers business training programs through two subsidiaries located in China. The company targets Chinese entrepreneurs looking for methods to improve leadership, management and marketing skills, and has designed and developed 22 training courses including a core course named “Seven Essential Classes for Business Executives.”

The company’s sales revenues are generated through its proprietary training courses, as well as featured lectures by keynote speakers. Since its launch in April 2009, China Executive realized rapid and steady business growth.

During the nine months in operation in 2009, the company enrolled approximately 2,874 trainees to its program, generating approximately US$12.76 million of fee payment; US$9.14 million was recognized as sales revenue and US$3.31 million as the net profit in year 2009.