China Industrial Waste Management, Inc., a full-service industrial waste handling operation which focuses on environmental protection and manages all aspects of the process through its family of 7 subsidiaries located in mainland China, announced today the first payment of $120,000 for biogas (natural gas) processed at its Dongtai Organic Waste Treatment Project (Dongtai Organic), which is anticipated to have a $180k/month ceiling when full capacity is reached.

The epicenter of activity for the Company is Dalian and surrounding areas in Liaoning Province via its 90%-owned main subsidiary, Dalian Dongtai Industrial Waste Treatment Co., Ltd. (Dongtai), which handles treatment, disposal and recycling of a variety of industrial materials into raw materials which are sold to chemical and metallurgical customers.

Dongtai also offers full-spectrum waste management services from incineration, burial and water treatment to environmental protection/remediation, including pollution treatment, technology consultation, designing waste processing, transportation and much more.

A franchise agreement with local government provides Dongtai Organic processing rights, via permit, to output from Dalian City’s urban sewage treatment plants, and the subsidiary generates revenue both from the amount of sludge they manage to the aforementioned sales of biogas processed and sold to the Dalian Gas Company.

Dongtai Organic was designed to handle 600 tons/day, and the Company anticipates full capacity will be reached within the next 2 years as more sewage plants come online in the vicinity. Current processing volume is 400 tons/day, with a per day output of 10,000 metric meters of natural gas. The Company is also looking for contracts to process kitchen and other degradable wastes in order to fill unused capacity.

CEO of CIWT Mr. Jinqing Dong commented on the better-than-expected output of the Dongtai Organic facility, noting that the supplementary input to the municipal gas network derived from the facility represents a “significant industry innovation in China”.

Mr. Jinqing Dong also pointed out that the success of Dongtai Organic represents “the viability and acceptance of anaerobic fermentation in China”, and said that he looked forward to developing the technology in other Chinese cities for its economic and social benefits.