Today, leading environmental services and solutions provider, China Industrial Waste Management, Inc. announced that the company’s founder and CEO, Mr. Jinqing Dong, has been honored by leading broadcasters in Dalian City, China as one of the “Top Ten People in Dalian’s Economy.” The award recognizes his contributions to Dalian City’s economy, a major seaport and industrial center in Northeast China.

Mr. Dong is the first winner from Dalian’s environmental protection industry. He holds a degree in Environmental Protection from Dalian Polytechnic University and is the Chairman of the Dalian Environmental Protection Association.

The CEO joins other leaders in industry, academia and politics who play a key role in Dalian’s successful growth into an important industrial center. This year, there were 14 finalists. The award was presented by the city’s senior officers on January 22nd in Dalian’s Radio and TV Broadcasting Hall.

Mr. Dong commented, “On behalf of China Industrial Waste Management and our majority owned subsidiary, Dalian Dongtai Industrial Waste Treatment Company, I am honored to receive this prestigious award.”

He continued, “I believe this award reflects China’s emphasis on creating a low-carbon, green technology and new energy economy. In addition, it is given in recognition of the highly-trained professionals of Dalian Dongtai and for China Industrial Waste Management’s investment in tomorrow’s environmental solutions. We are proud to be among the many companies in China that offer innovative approaches to help the country achieve sustainable economic and environmental solutions.”