China Industrial Waste Management, – a full-spectrum waste management firm serving Dalian and much of Liaoning Province, reported that its 90-percent owned subsidiary, Dalian Dongtai Industrial Waste Treatment Co., Ltd., signed a substantial waste management cooperation contract with Dalian Onoda Cement Co. Ltd., the production venture arm of established Japanese cement multinational, Taiheiyo Cement Co. Limited.

This contract follows up on the Letter of Intent between Dongtai and Onoda, signed in November of 2008, which has led to the processing of 3k tons of solid waste as part of a trial run using Onoda’s cement kiln to process the waste.

The contract also stipulates the formation of a joint research team by the two companies which will derive new waste management workflows/technologies from the extant collaboration.

CEO of Dongtai, Mr. Jason Dong, hailed the addition of yet another vital waste treatment method as significantly boosting overall industrial waste processing capacity, citing an immediate 36% (20k tons/year) improvement and an eventual 125-143% jump in five years.

Characterizing cement kiln processing as having a great future, given the size of China’s cement industry, Mr. Jason Dong also cited the vast environmental benefits when combined with resource utilization – benefits evinced by the replacement of large amounts of coal with organic waste products for cement production.

Indeed, inorganic waste (like casting sand) is also used, and the method itself opens the door to other materials, from waste plastics and tires to solvents or oils. An advanced cement production facility like Onoda is the ideal partner for Dongtai to cooperate with in the pursuit of technology which will ultimately potentially lead to increased profitability.