New Zealand, be short of workforce, become a goal of China who are seeking the ways for its superfluous skilled labors in the world.

Two nations are negotiating a free trade agreement, Beijing's Commerce Minister Bo Xilai suggested that China had skilled labor that could fill up the gaps in New Zealand's labor market. But Trade Minister Phil Goff on Wednesday said that was unlikely to happen unless China reciprocated by opening up its services sector.

It (China) is entitled to make the request but this does not indicate the request will be met, Goff said.

The minister said the government would not do anything hurting the wages and conditions of New Zealand workers.

On the contrary, the opposition Green Party said worsen local working conditions.

I think this question can be discussed between the two sides on the basis of mutual benefit, Bo told the New Zealand Herald newspaper Monday, after meeting with Goff in the northern city of Auckland.

But untill now, there has been no indication that China plans to open up its market to New Zealand service industries like insurance, banking and education, Goff said. said.