A fake Ikea is fooling furniture shoppers in Kunming, China.

Called "11 Furniture," the store copies many aspects of the Swedish home-goods giant's brand, including the blue and yellow minimalist design schemes, mesh bags, display rooms and even the miniature pencils.

Even the name of the store is surprising close to the original, at least in Chinese. 11 Furniture Store is pronounced “Shi Yi Jia Ju," while Ikea sounds like “Yi Jia Jia Ju.”

Ikea supporters will be pleased to hear that 11 Furniture does not offer Swedish meatballs. The store does have a cafeteria, like the real iconic store, but features more traditional Chinese staples like braised minced pork and eggs, according to the Montreal Gazette.

There are currently eight real Ikea stores in China, including a store in Beijing and two stores in Shanghai.

Last month, it was revealed that a fake Apple store was built in Kunming, which some expats said was "the best ripoff we had ever seen."

"This is a new phenomenon," Adam Xu, retail analyst with Booz&Co, told the Canadian paper. "Typically there are a lot of fake products, now we see more fakes in the service aspect in terms of (faking) the retail formats."

There is also a coffee shop in Harbin, China called "USAbucks," that looks very similar to Starbucks.