China Is Nowhere As Good As Japan In Dealing With Earthquake Rescue And Emergency Response [PHOTOS]

on May 01 2013 5:11 AM
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    Left, victims of the earthquake jostle for food and other supplies on April 21; Right, people affected by the earthquake line up for drinking water on March 13.
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    Left, people grabbing coats from a humanitarian organization on April 21 in Lushan, some can be seen taking photos of the scene; Right, people lining up for supplies in Fukushima on March 13.
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    Left, a police officer without a helmet was injured by fallen rocks during a rescue effort in Ya'an on April 21; Right, all rescue personnel wore safety helmets after the Miyagi aftershock in Japan on March 15.
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    Left, walls in a middle school in Lushan show signs of cracking after the earthquake; Right, walls in an elementary school in Sentai withstood a tsunami and an earthquake.
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    Left, a newly constructed house collapsed on April 22 in Baoxing, an affected city in Ya'an; Right, after a tsunami, an earthquake and a ship landed on it, a house in the Iwate prefacture was still standing.
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    Left, Lushan farmers sent off a victim of the earthquake. Right, a collective funeral for all victims in the Miyagi prefecture.
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China’s most recent earthquake, which hit Sichuan province on April 20, sparked not only a fervent outpouring of sympathetic volunteers and a large amount of donations, but also an online debate on how the aftermath of a disaster can be handled better by the government and private citizens alike. Here are a series of photos juxtaposing China, after the April 20 earthquake, with Japan -- a nation with expertise in earthquake prevention and rescue operations -- after its March 11, 2011, Tohoku earthquake, which was a 9.03 magnitude quake that triggered a massive tsunami. 

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