China Nutrifruit Group Ltd., a developer, processer, marketer and distributor of a variety of food products processed primarily from premium specialty fruits grown in Northeast China, today announced that it has entered into a supply contract with Doehler Food and Beverage Ingredients (Rizhao) Co., Ltd. to supply 1,500 tons of its fruit concentrate products.

A subsidiary of DoehlerGroup, Doehler Rizhao is a global consumer brand that offers a variety of fruit concentrate juices, including apple, pear, strawberry and kiwi juice concentrates. As terms of the announced agreement, China Nutrifruit will supply 1,500 tons of fruit concentrate products to Doehler Rizhao this month at the prevailing market price.

“Our new supply contract with Doehler Rizhao marks an important milestone for China Nutrifruit as we diversify our customer base with the addition of a global consumer brand,” stated Mr. Changjun Yu, Chairman of China Nutrifruit. “Our products passed stringent testing criteria and we are currently performing the contract. We believe this demonstrates the high-quality and market acceptance of our premium specialty fruit products. We are encouraged by our co-operation with Doehler Rizhao and will continue to step up our marketing efforts to further expand our customer base.”

Mr. Yu concluded by saying, “We anticipate increased sales contribution from international customers in fiscal year 2011 and are confident that our nutritious specialty products will be well received in both the domestic and international markets.”