For something as simple as purchasing premium fruits in your grocery store, so much goes on behind the scenes that most consumers aren’t aware of. A complex network of research and development, marketing teams, processing and distribution usually are at the top of the list. Before these factors are set in motion though, it travels deeper still.

In order for a company to grow to NYSE AMEX status and be a major contributor/competitor in the market, the company must have a general Code of Ethics, a Committee Board, Corporate Governance, among other requirements. Once these are established, only then a company can submit an application.

That is exactly what China Nutrifruit Group Limited is attempting to do. The committee board, consisting of both independent and dependent directors, is extremely confident that they will be accepted into the global market. The steps they have taken to comply with all modern regulations to apply are now in place. Keep a sharp eye out for positive fluctuations with CNGL in the coming quarters.