Recently, China Nuvo Solar Energy announced that it is seeking acquisition candidates in the solar energies sector to build shareholder value while enhancing China Nuvo’s IP portfolio. No agreements have been made as of yet, but several potential candidates are being evaluated by China Nuvo.

China Nuvo is a development stage company that currently owns (patent pending) solar and photovoltaic green technologies. Their business model is a roll-up strategy that, along with any acquisitions made in their current search, will combine many clean energy, green companies and IP, all within the renewable energy industry.

China Nuvo does not guarantee that any agreements will be made is this round of evaluation, but is optimistic that at least one of the companies they are in discussions with could lead to a transaction.

Henry Fong, CEO of China Nuvo Solar Energy stated, “As part of our business plan and growth strategy, we are presently targeting acquisition opportunities that would fit synergistically with our current intellectual property portfolio in the renewable/clean energy sector. We believe an acquisition of this nature will allow China Nuvo Solar to finally gain traction within our sector with the potential to add top line revenue and a view toward increasing shareholder value.”