What better place to develop new solar technology than sunny West Palm Beach, Florida. China Nuvo Solar Energy Inc. has been developing new, patentable inventions to meet the growing needs of renewable energy. Solar energy in particular takes the front seat for China Nuvo.

For most, when we see those shiny squares on a roof or positioned in fields or yards, our first reaction is, “Oh look, solar panels.” Those “panels” are actually intricate layouts of photovoltaic solar cells. The efficiency and productivity of these units have been perfected numerous times over the years. It seems though China Nuvo has crashed through the barrier. China Nuvo recently had the opportunity to acquire more of Photovoltaics, Inc.’s intellectual property consisting of a variety of patents.

They have concluded that these newest patents will significantly improve overall output and efficiency. With this move by China Nuvo, more viable and economical technologies for solar energy are expected to soon follow.