China Polypeptide Group, Inc. (“CPG”) is a corporation that comprises multiple entities. They have their wholly owned subsidiary, Cantix. Cantix’s wholly owned direct subsidiary is Moneyeasy Industries Limited, a Hong Kong limited company. Moneyeasy’s wholly owned direct subsidiaries are Wuhan Tallyho Biological Product Co., Ltd., a China limited company, and Wuhan Polypeptide Anti-Aging Research and Development Co., Ltd., a China limited company. Tallyho’s operating subsidiary is Guangdong Hopsun Polypeptide Biological Technology Co., Ltd., a China limited company.

Since 1996, through Cantix’s China operating subsidiaries, Tallyho, Hopsun, and Wuhan Anti-Aging, CPG mainly engages in research, development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of polypeptide-based anti-aging nutritional supplements, health foods, functional foods, and related material products. The Company has more than seventy different types of polypeptide-based nutritional products, health food, and functional food products.

Their products sell to customers both in China and abroad, with China currently being the Company’s primary market. They market their products via a combined network of internal sales force, wholesalers, and private labeled partners. The Company began selling their polypeptide-based nutritional supplement products in Taiwan and Malaysia through local distributors in 2005.

Domestically and internationally, the Company works to combine competitive prices with high quality diversified nutritional products and customer service. They believe that in China they are one of the largest companies focusing on developing, producing, and marketing functional peptide nutritional products, having more than a 70 percent market share.