China Power Equipment Inc., manufacturer of energy saving electric transformers and transformer cores in the People’s Republic of China, today issued an update on its new plant in the Xi’an Jingwei Industrial Zone in Jingyang, reflecting a tripled capacity for transformer cores.

The company said it is now running regular production of amorphous alloy transformer cores, and that it has completed regulatory inspections necessary for operations.
“We have passed all government safety inspections and have completed our pre-production testing of our new production line. As a result, we have started our regular production and are delivering our high-quality amorphous alloy transformer cores to our customers from the new plant,” Yongxing (Henry) Song, chairman and CEO of China Power stated in the press release.

China Power’s new plant utilizes industrial automation and hand work, combing modular programmable logic controller technology and human-machine interface engineering with various other advanced technologies. The company said this results in a plant that produces high-quality, efficient production, and ultimately lower production costs.

“Demand for amorphous alloy transformer products in China continues to increase rapidly as a result of the government’s determination to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions. Our new plant further qualifies China Power as a reliable high-volume supplier of high-quality amorphous alloy cores. We believe the demand for our additional capacity is real and look forward to higher sales volumes,” Song stated.

The new plant contributes an additional 5,000 metric tons of the company’s annual capacity for amorphous alloy cores, boosting total internal capacity 333 percent to 6,500 metric tons per year, making it the No. 2 amorphous alloy core supplier in the market.

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