U.S.-financed China Public Security Technology will provide software that links to at least 20,000 police surveillance cameras being installed along streets in southern China, according to the New York Times on Sunday.

China Public is also creating computer chip residency cards that will be issued to most of Shenzhen's 12.4 residents and nearby neighborhoods, said the New York Times in its August 12 edition.

Data on the cards will include the citizen's name, address, work history, educational background, religion, police record, personal reproductive history and many other personal details, the newspaper said.

The company's camera software will allow Chinese police to automatically recognize the faces of suspects and detect unusual activity, the Times said.

China Public has a market capitalization of $185.3 million, and two hedge funds that bought stakes have more than doubled their investment since February, the Times said.

Shares of China Public closed Friday at $4.70 on the over-the-counter bulletin board.

(Reporting by Sarah Coffey)