Migrant workers broke out into riot after a pregnant migrant worker was manhandled in China's southern province of Guangzhou last week. 

The migrant worker, originally from the central Chinese province of Sichuan, was peddling goods on the street, when police made a sweep against street vendors and knocked her to the ground Friday night.

A man purported to be the woman's husband appeared on state television to report that his wife and child were unharmed in the sweep. 

Eye-witnesses report that tensions have escalated during the past three days, and yesterday night.

People blocked traffic and vandalized government offices, according to a report from Xinhua, which said that only 25 people were arrested when police forces intervened. 

Authorities imposed an 8pm curfew in the area of the unrest to prevent another night of riots. 

Although analysts are fairly certain that police will take all necessary measures to quell unrest, many are noting the similarities of this instance and the recent uprising in Tunisia. 

1) The unknown woman was an illegal street vendor, legally forbidden from making a living wage, just like Mohammed Bouazizi, whose subsequent self-immolation sparked the ongoing Arab spring. 

2) Former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali also published photos of himself visiting with Bouazizi and ensuring his well-being, just as the unknown migrant worker's husband appeared on television. 

3) The Tunisian government attempted to impose a curfew on the protestors, and in China, people are expected to return home by 8pm.