Headquartered in Anhui Province, China Runji Cement Inc. is a leading player in cement production and distribution. Trading on the OTCBB, the Company’s markets include main local cities such as Hefei, Nanjing, and Liu’an in the region. Founded in 2003, China Runji Cement Inc.'s certified manufacturing facilities contain premier technology and equipment and are capable of producing up to two million tons of cement yearly.

On November 1, 2007, the Company completed a reverse merger with FitMedia Inc. They proceeded to change the name of the Company to China Runji Cement Inc. Today, the Company mainly focuses their production efforts on Runji Brand cement P.II52.5, P.O42.5, P.O32.5, and P.C32.5 as well as cement clinker. Their P.II52.5 is a high grade, high strength cement that finds use in large infrastructure projects. Their cement clinker is the semi-finished ingredient of cement. This is usable for processing into different categories of cement products.

The Company makes their cement through the advanced dry production process. This is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly cement production technique. In the Company’s region, 60 percent of total output is produced by this dry process. China Runji Cement Inc. has a 30-year mining right for 87 million tons of limestone reserve. This can supply two cement clinker production lines with a daily output of 2,500 tons for 40 years.

Today, China Runji Cement announced that their second cement clinker production line broke through its designed capacity of 2,500 tons per day. This line produced 2,700 tons per day and 2,800 tons per day in November and December 2008, respectively. The Company’s first cement production line successfully achieved its production target of one million tons in 2008.