The Chinese economy is still working to keep inflation rates in a secure area under the Bank's target at 4.00%, amid this efforts the PBOC has announced today that the Chinese economy to set a new deposit rates stimulus, where the Bank will give banks more freedom to determine rates during the New Year, supporting the saving to high.

China includes the top 10 lender by market value in the world, aims to move toward more efficient pricing and allocation of capital without destabilizing the banking system, also scrapping a ceiling on deposit rates may boost returns for savers, helping to offset the effects of inflation, while also cutting profit margins for lenders as they compete to attract money.

On the other hand, Chinese economy expanded 10.3% to 39.8 trillion Yuan (6.04 trillion American dollars) which was the fastest expansion in three years, and it became the world's second economy in 2010 when Japan reports gross domestic product for the fourth quarter. As for a cheerful today's report add a pressure signs to China's economy to find new stimulus to counter inflationary risks in the nation this year.