China SHESAYS Medical Cosmetology Inc. operates a network of specialized medical cosmetology hospitals, clinics and skincare centers in Sichuan province, China. The company today announced that it has recently unveiled its CEREC AC porcelain teeth 3D restoration robot at its flagship hospital in Chengdu. The introduction establishes China SHESAYS as the first medical cosmetology company in China to apply this dental instrument to cosmetic dentistry procedures.

The CEREC AC robot is a dental restoration system primarily used for making porcelain prosthetic teeth, providing rapid imaging results by leveraging the CEREC Bluecam technology to capture highly detailed images of dental conditions by using a powerful blue light emitting diode.

The company said the robot is expected to change the current operating model for dental restoration. The robot has the capability to significantly shorten the time for making a porcelain tooth from one week to an hour, and the company expects the robot to help add approximately 100 customers for dental restoration within a year.

China SHESAYS invested approximately $181,000 for the CEREC AC robot. The company estimates the cost of restoring a porcelain tooth to be between $300 and $900; the average customer will restore between eight and 16 porcelain teeth – as such, the company estimates that the revenue per patient on average is approximately $6,000.

Yixiang Zhang, chairman and CEO of China SHESAYS, noted the robot’s benefits to patients and said the company expects these benefits to appeal to a broad clientele.

“Instead of waiting for a week for permanent prosthetic teeth while having to use uncomfortable replacement prosthetics during the interim period, customers are offered a significantly more convenient alternative. As customers can actually witness the prosthetic tooth preparation process while they are in our hospital, we believe this level of transparency and efficiency will attract a broad clientele. In the future, we are committed to continuously improving all aspects of our customer service experiences as we strongly believe this is our key differentiator from our competitors,” Zhang stated in the press release.

China SHESAYS also anticipates that the CEREC AC will strengthen the company’s position in the cosmetic dentistry industry.

“The introduction of the CEREC AC robot is also expected to significantly enhance our technological advantage in cosmetic dentistry, and further enhance the brand equity for our hospital. Our cooperation with Sirona, dubbed as the world’s largest manufacturer of dental equipment, represents a significant milestone in achieving our leadership in medical equipment applications in China,” Zhang stated.

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