China TMK Battery Systems Inc., founded in 1999 and well-known throughout the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) for manufacturing and distributing some of the finest multi-cell Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries on the market from its facility in Shenzhen, today announced the appointment (effective May 1) of Mr. Jin Hu to the CFO position.

China TMK batteries are characterized by an exceptionally high rate of discharge, and enhance the Company’s reputation for painstakingly developing customized, long-lasting rechargeable power solutions via tight integration with the client.

President and Chairman of DFEL, Mr. Henian Wu, expressed his pleasure at retaining such an eminently qualified individual as Mr. Hu, indicating that his presence significantly strengthens the (newly public) Company’s capabilities as they execute a growth strategy focusing on increased production capacity and more diverse product offerings in order to maximize capitalization of the demand-rich Chinese market for such “innovative power solutions”.

With an MBA (Cornell University), dual master degrees in accounting and computer information systems (Georgia State University), a bachelors in accounting (Louisiana Tech University), and his experience as a CPA (Virginia), Mr. Hu is well-trained and has also achieved a diverse skill set through work at top companies in multiple industries all across the spectrum of accounting, corporate finance and investments.

Prior to the recent appointment as CFO of DFEL Mr. Hu was:

• Financial controller, Johnson & Johnson (China) – immersed with senior management in developing the Multiple Specialty pharmaceutical segment which showed a sales growth rate of 60% and a more than 100% increase in the growth rate of net profits in 09
• Internal consultant, Citigroup (NY) – trend forecasting, research and analysis focused on the evaluation of potential new services for the clientele
• Auditor, Ernst & Young (Washington, DC) – servicing clients like Capital One, Marriott, NASDAQ, and the United States Department of Health and Human Services
• Corporate finance team member, McKesson Corporation
• Analyst, Stock-Trak Incorporated (Atlanta, GA)

Mr. Henian Wu concluded by acknowledging the crucial role Mr. Hu would play in bolstering shareholder value through the contribution of his vast experience in accounting, corporate finance, and investments to the overall efficiency of the Company’s operations, as well as helping to grow the brand by promoting the extraordinary growth potential of DFEL to investors.

The Company’s products see use in all kinds of consumer products, everything from home appliances to cordless tools, mobile communication platforms and even electric bicycles. DFEL is also interested in developing a profitable supplier business servicing telecom companies and traffic light operation concerns with back-up power supply solutions.