China Voice Holding Corp.’s China subsidiary, Beijing CandidSoft Technology Co. Ltd., received its first order from China Unicom for CandidSoft’s patented/copyrighted SKY O/A Office Automation with integrated Digital Voice Application under their new agreement announced previously this month. The installation of these services is for a government education project in the County of ChongZuo in Guangxi Province.

According to the press release, this government education project requires a complete revamp of communications infrastructure in all education related facilities including installation of high speed Internet connections and SKY O/A to provide telephone services, fax and data service for a Unified messaging solution.

CHVC’s President and CEO, Bill Burbank, said, “This installation will enable the sharing of resources and knowledge through an integrated network of services managed by the SKY O/A platform, which provides real-time communication means to facilitate a ‘connected’ teaching and learning environment. We are excited about this new application for our technology and believe that it opens up a whole new market for us.”

He continued, “The initial rollout will be for the teaching staff of approximately two thousand; however, China Unicom believes that the project will eventually extend to include students. The financial details and project plan will be confirmed during the month of August with installations projected to take place by mid September.”

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