China Voice Holding Corporation announced last week that their subsidiary, Beijing CandidSoft Technology Co. Ltd., has signed an agreement with China Unicom Ltd. to private label its patented/copyrighted SKY O/A Office Automation with integrated Digital Voice Application. The revenue sharing agreement provides for installation and support of the company’s current Chinese Government and large enterprise customer contracts in the Guangxi Province. This 9 year agreement will operate simultaneously with CandidSoft’s previously announced agreement with China Netcom.

China Voice Holding Corp. is a publicly-traded holding company in South Florida with a portfolio of next-generation communications products and services doing business in the People’s Republic of China, where the company has obtained full legal status as a licensed telecommunications company. The company provides Voice over Internet Protocol telephone services, office automation, wireless broadband, unified messaging, video conferencing, mobility services and other advanced voice and data services. CHVC’s focus is on providing its innovative and patented voice and data solutions to government agencies and large enterprises in China.

Currently, three state-run businesses dominate the Chinese telecommunications industry: China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile. China Unicom Ltd. offers GSM telephone and related services, fixed-line voice and value-added services, broadband and other Internet-related services, information communications technology services, business and data communications services, and advertising and media services, as well as long distance services. As of December 2008, it served approximately 133 million GSM subscribers in 31 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions in mainland China.

CHVC’s President and CEO Bill Burbank, commented, “This agreement comes after months of discussion, negotiation and delays caused by the China Netcom and China Unicom merger. We are happy to have this agreement behind us so that we can focus on the installations of our Chinese Government Contracts and supporting the China Unicom private labeled version of our technology. We expect that now that our responsibilities are clearly defined and China Unicom has confirmed their support as well as desire to grow this part of their business, we will soon see significant progress in our Contract installations.”

Burbank added, “Under the new agreement, China Unicom is responsible for wireless mobile network, broadband internet, telephone switching network and NGN network connectivity, first level customer support, billing, collections, end user voice communication equipment, and hosting, maintenance and monitoring of CandidSoft’s hardware and server equipment. China Unicom is also responsible for ICT brand promotion and marketing campaigns. CandidSoft is responsible for SKY O/A application development, software upgrades, maintenance, enhancements and support. In addition, CandidSoft is expected to provide new solutions for the implementation of specific China Unicom data services.”

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